Sunday, April 22, 2012

intellectual snacks are amazing!

クラシエ たのしいおすしやさん(グレープ味) 28.5g×5個
Kracie(company deals wit snacks and medicine etc) started selling intellectual snacks. They wish all children bring up with a lively imagination. Their snacks let children think how the snacks are made. That excites children so much. Making snacks is good for expanding children's curiosity and imagination. They don't contain any preservatives and sweeteners so it's safe.

"tanosii osusiyasan(happy sushi bar)"
It's fun to make salmon roe. Look at the TUNA(right side) it'so real. The syari(rice) under the neta(ingredients) are made from candy and the ingredients(saomon roe, tuna, egg) are jelly.

*only at the sushi bar, rice is called syari and the ingredients are called neta.

"tanosii keikiyasan(happy cake shops)"
You can make tart and soft ice cream. 2Kinds of cream are mixed. It looks so yummy.

たのしいケーキやさん イチゴバニラ味 1BOX (食玩)

"gumi tureta( catching gummi drop)"
Let's catch gumm drop like fishing ! 
【ご注意!1ケース納品です】 クラシエ グミつれた ソーダ 18.5g×10 (1ケース納品)  

"Nerunerunerune!(knead! knead ! knead!)"
Speaking of the educational snacks, This is the most popular and famous !  This reminds of my childhood.

クラシエ ねるねるねるね(ソーダ味) 25.5g×10個

"ramen set"
                Making noodle is fun. The gyoza is made from soda flavor candy.
クラシエフーズ ラーメンセット 20g×10個


"oekaki gummi land(drawing with gummi)"
You can mix some colors(red blue yellow) and make your own color. It's infinity! and fun, and YUMMY!!!(this is the most important!)
クラシエ おえかきグミランド 27g×10個  

"happy kitchen donuts"
Just mixing ingredients(powder) and pour them into the case. That's the only things you have to.  If you use milk instead of water it tastes better! It's too cute to eat
                       クラシエフーズ ハッピーキッチン ドーナツ 41g×5個         


"happy kitchen hamburger"
You can make two hamburgers and a pack of potato and coke! They tastes real!
ハッピーキッチンハンバーガー Box(食玩)  

"happy kitchen soft cookie"
Mixing some kinds of powders and embossing and put them into the microwave.
                                           クラシエフーズ ハッピーキッチン ソフトクッキー 30g×5箱           


Do you wanna try them?  I know you want!  cos I want to!!!  

Don't bother your kids during making these snacks!

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